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Bifocal Lenses & Frames
With over 700 frames available with Bifocal lenses from over 30 designers & brands, you have plenty of choice to find the perfect pair! We have a huge choice of colours, shapes, styles to choose from!

Whilst Varifocals are the more advanced lenses, bifocals remain popular with the more mature glasses-wearer who have a dual prescription but want the convenience of just one pair of glasses. If you need vision correction for both distance and reading without the price-tag of a progressive lens, then bifocals are for you.

Bifocals Benefits:

Includes anti-reflective.
Less expensive than varifocals.
Dual prescription vision.
Only one pair of glasses to meet your needs.
More variety of frames and styles to choose from.
Compatible with specialist coatings such as tints and light reactive lenses.

How do Bifocals work?

Bifocal lenses provide two optical powers in one lens, to correct flawed near and far vision. Your prescription will give you two sets of values to suit this. Your distance prescription will be applied to a large section of the top part of your lens to enhance your vision when looking at things far away. Your near prescription will be applied to the small half-moon segment on the lower half of your lens to assist reading and looking at things closely from above.

What are Bifocal lenses like to wear?

As bifocals hold two different prescriptions, there is a definite line between the near and far segments that is also visible to both the wearer and other people. As a result, there can be a small period of adjustment for new bifocals wearers to get used to the ‘jump’ between the different optical powers. However, the design of the lens is based on how your eyes move and behave naturally.

What makes our Bifocal lenses great?

Here at Low Cost Glasses, we have over 25 years of optical experience so you can rest assured that your bifocals will be made to the highest quality. Our bifocals give you the freedom of only having one pair of glasses and they also come with a specially formulated anti-reflective coating, created to boost the lifespan of your lenses.

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